A manifesto


Humanity is married to Gea, the Earth soul. We are embedded in her stream of manifested life. In a sense we share the same bed with her. But we are not conscious of this sacred relationship, we do not acknowledge this intimate connection, we do not express or cultivate our love for and with her. Might not this be the reason behind or cause of the multiple natural catastrophes and climate changes we refer to as Earth Changes, and the related political, economic, and social upheavals and crises we face on daily basis?


The geomantic knowledge that could help us understand how intimately the body of the human being is related to the body of the Earth is nearly lost within our culture. However, bit-by-bit we are regaining experience of the vital energy systems that permeate not only the human body but also the organism of the Earth’s landscapes. Even more, we are becoming aware that the intelligence of nature is one and the same intelligence that enables human beings to think, to express emotion and to create within the conditions of the materialized world.


Even more important is the common destiny that we share with Gea, given the reality that our respective evolutions are intertwined. We can understand that Gea can (and will) change and evolve, given the same freedom that human beings have as co-creators upon the planet. One cannot not expect that humans would remain the same spiritual beings after receiving the gift to incarnate upon the Earth, and experiencing themselves as living beings grounded in matter.


It is obvious that the deep relationship and connection that exists between Gea and human beings carries a fateful dimension that cannot be “managed” solely by formal measures based upon rational concepts, for example current ecological and economic approaches to address global warming. We need to create a whole spectrum of tools and approaches, including the development of all aspects of our consciousness, so that we can renew the relationship between humanity and Gea and relate to the essence of the Earth soul. 


Over the last decades we have been witnessing the following steps being made on a global level towards a new culture tuned to the essence of the Earth.

  1. A new ecological consciousness and movement represents the first basic step, signalling the will of humanity to change its attitude towards the Earth planet. 
  2. The next step involves diverse efforts to create an awareness of the multidimensional nature of the Earth and her creation, including human beings as part of Gea’s cosmos. Out of these efforts the art and experimental science of geomancy is developing as a form of holistic ecology. The goal of geomancy is to provide our modern culture with methods of understanding the flow of life forces, and with methods of perceiving the hitherto less known dimensions of existence.
  3. The present ecological and economic crisis confronting our civilization demands a third step, to move further ahead on this path and create a kind of partner culture upon the planet. We need to rediscover and cultivate the love-based dimensions connecting human beings and Gea - and to manifest them in everyday life. We need to create a new kind of culture upon the Earth that will enable the further development of the human race as well as that of the Earth, including all its beings and dimensions. Let us call this already evolving future culture Gea Culture.


In order to develop this Gea Culture we first need to transform our dogmatic and rationally based concepts about who the Earth is and who we are as human beings – and to change our cultural norms and practices accordingly.


1. Who is Gaia, or Gea?

First, we must ask ourselves who is Gaia (or Gea), the being of our Planet, in relationship to our updated knowledge and experience:


2. Community of all beings

It is not possible to live in peace with the Earth as long as we relate to and manage other beings of the Earth as inferior, as inanimate or without consciousness.


3. Self-knowledge

It is not possible to develop a new and mutually fulfilling partnership between human culture and the Earth if we human beings do not understand and become who we truly are in relationship to our core essence. 


4. The autonomous spiritual path

It is not possible to develop a new and fulfilling partnership between human culture and the Earth if there is no willingness to transform traditional religious conceptions that deny the divine essence of the Earth and of Gea’s creation.


5. Education

As part of this evolution it is essential that we engage creatively in transforming our existing systems of education.


6. Abundance of life

The Earth is a beloved planet of extraordinary fertility and vital abundance. Today we see a great part of humanity in poverty, diminished, starving. The resources of the Earth are being managed wastefully, destructively. To address and change this tragic situation we must transform the principles upon which our global economy functions.


7. The art of geomancy

The Earth is a conscious planet with its own destiny within the universe. Gea, the Earth soul, is not capable of sustaining and preserving life if her focuses of life force and of elemental consciousness, occurring in many landscapes and locations throughout the planet, are not free to breathe and function according to her design. Indeed, our civilization’s ignorance of these aspects of the life of Gea has impaired and blocked the proper functioning and vitality of many of these places.

The art and science of geomancy is being developed so that human culture can gain insights into the crucial importance of the vital-energy organism of Gea, the elemental consciousness of the Earth, and its sacred dimensions to the life of the planet. This newly discovered approach and knowledge is of little use if not put into practice. 


Together with its beings visible and invisible, Gea, the Earth soul has offered human beings the wonderful opportunity to live and breathe within the world of physical matter and to enjoy the beauty and the creative potentials of the incarnated world. To an extent we have transformed her hospitality into valuable experiences and creative deeds; at the same time we have also exploited her without regard to consequences and without regard to other beings of life.

The time to decide which of these two paths we will take into the future has arrived. The only path that makes sense is the path of reconnection with the essence of life and embracing a loving partnership with Gea, the Mother of all Life. This path involves a challenging transformation of consciousness of all life on Earth as we know it as Gea continues to evolve into the future.


Marko Poga─Źnik 2008-2013

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