Marko and Ana Pogacnik gave the incentive for the Lifenet to be founded in 1998. Its aim is to provide a platform for people who have the heartfelt wish to be in dialogue with the consciousness of the Earth: where we can approach Geomancy, our shifting consiousness and collective art in a new creative way. The current Lifenet fro Geomancy and Transformation developed out of the impulse to be able to inspire each other and to exchange ideas beyond boundaries.

Lifenet includes groups, individuals, projects and initiatives in various places world wide. The diversity of people and groups mirrors how diversely they put our joint concern into practice: to seek healing of and harmony with and for the Earth, as well as for people and nature.

In the respective regions, groups organise their activities independantly and work on developing their own personality and tend the Earth. Regional meetings take place regularly in various locations to exhange experience and co-operate in geomantic work.

Apart from this lithopuncture projects, Summer life camps (from 2002) and international Lifenet meetings have been organised in Lendava/Slovenia 2008, Bad Meinberg/Germany 2010 and Forest Row/United Kingdom 2012. People gathere from all over the world for co-creative art and geomantic work, for a living social organism to grow and to found a new geoculture.

The German magazine Hagia Chora publishes reports of Lifenet activities and events.

Jana Rieger


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