Meditation of the Month June 20th - July 20th 2018 – Proposed by LifeNet and Marko Poganik, UNESCO Artist for Peace


At the threshold of the 21st millennium representatives of different groups doing geomantic work in different countries met at Šempas, Slovenia, to create a non-institutional network called LifeNet or Lebensnetz.

Since at that time we were already aware that the Earth is moving through deep changes, transforming the geomantic body of the planet, we decided to use the subtitle

“Geomancy and Transformation”. The second subtitle is written above.

In 2008 the Slovenian VITAAA group has organized the first international meeting of LifeNet groups. Since then such an international creative meeting finds place every second year in a different country. After Slovenia it was organized in Germany then in England, Sweden, Croatia and this year again in Germany, this time at the lake Constance from June 20th to 23rd.

A second way to keep the LifeNet alive is the Monthly Meditation created by Marko Poga─Źnik in English and translated into German by Martin Krausch – there are others to translate it from English or German into other languages. Thank you all!

The proposal for the meditation this time is to support those networks and individuals that are in different ways working together with Gaia towards co-creating the Earth as a planet of peace and co-existence between all beings that constitute the Earthly Cosmos.

The proposal is to find your own way how to weave (within you!) different networks together and support their creative input.

To support their inner strength and stability you can engage your dragon powers that are present in the underworld of your belly leading them into creative action through the inter-dimensional portal of your heart.



Dear Ones,

You probably already know that in June 2018 the 6th Lifenet Gathering will take place at Lake Constance. You will find more info here:

If you are not able to attend the gathering from June 20th to 23rd physically there are two more possibilities for how you can be a part of it:

Participate in the Lake Constance Ritual at the Summer Solstice on June 21st, 2018.
You find info at

Connect from your home place with Lake Constance and the Lifenet Gathering
at Summer Solstice on June 21st, 2018
You are invited to connect consciously with Lake Constance and the Lifenet Gathering on Thursday, June 21st at 12.07h. At this time we will celebrate the central ritual on a boat in the middle of Lake Constance. For this connection we suggest the element of water. Which place close to you invites you? From our perspective, places close to the water – lakes, springs, creeks, waterfalls, oceans will work well. Maybe you want to visit this place on your own. Maybe you want to invite other people and you connect as a group. We would love to know from which place you connect with Lake Constance and the Lifenet Gathering. Please send an email with the name of the place and the waters as well as the region/country to In return we will inform you about the places of all the interconnected people.

Exchange about the experiences
You are invited to share your experiences in the days after the summer solstice via email. If you want to participate in this exchange of experiences please send an email to

Best wishes
Claudia, Gudrun and Urs

A poem for inspiration by Claudia Böni Glatz:


Oh human being, let go
Let all tumble easily and laughing
Give thanks and learn

From the ground and the soil
Mindful and in spiral dance
Beings arise, radiating

From angel spheres silently
Others descend softly

See the tender love affair
On the waters of the lake
Come and shine with them


Claudia Böni Glatz

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