Meditation of the Month March 20th - April 20th 2018 – Proposed by LifeNet and Marko Poganik, UNESCO Artist for Peace


In the world where powers foreign to the principles of life and love (and consequently destructive) try to control all the different levels of existence, it is absolutely important to hold a clear connection to the universal Divinity – no matter how one calls it. Otherwise, under the mentioned conditions, it is easy to lose the direction in life that has a deep sense for you and for us all at this moment.

The following meditation can be of help:

  • Find your centre at the level of the heart and be present there.

  • Send from there six rays of your attention to six directions: to the back and to the front, to left and right, vertically up and down. The rays reach towards infinity.

  • As a consequence you can develop a feeling that in the infinity the sphere of Divinity exists that embraces the whole universe, its star systems and the innumerable number of its beings.

  • Be aware that following the law of resonance the same divine presence exists also at your centre – as well as at the centre of all other beings of the Earthly universe.

  • Send out your intention to support the presence of Divinity within each atom and each being of the Earthly universe – fellow human beings included.

  • Perhaps send it out in the form of waves. You can mark the waves with the movement of your hands.

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