Meditation of the Month November 20th - December 20th 2019 – Proposed by LifeNet and Marko Poganik, UNESCO Artist for Peace


The process of Earth Changes brings forward specific periods when it is relatively easy to transform the old stuff that the Earth does not want to carry on to the future - the same being valid for personal burdens and shadows. Late autumn is known even traditionally as the transmutation time reigned by the Goddess of Change.

The proposed meditation and imagination is the gift of this moment. It invokes for this purpose the cleansing property of the Water element.

Imagine rain with countless fine drops falling either upon you or upon the surrounding landscape. (It depends whether you would like to work on a specific place upon the Earth or in connection to your body.)

Imagine the rain drops penetrating your body or the body of the given place.

As an answer raindrops of another kind start to “rain” in the opposite direction, from the inside of your body or the body of the Earth, rising towards the sky. They are grey in colour since they carry out of the Earth or personal body all the stuff that is ready for transformation.

While the rain is still falling upon your body or the body of the Earth to soften the hardened body structures, the grey drops continue to depart from the inside of the Earth or personal body.

As they ascend higher and higher they become more light and filled with light. Finally they are able to return clean to the ocean of light and life.

You can use this simple imagination in your own way. Try to be aware of what the present cleansing process changes within you and within the Earth.

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