This is a list of projects and initiatives, that work with transforming our society, around the theme of Geoculture. Some are under the umbrella of the Lifenet. At any time, we are grateful for any proposals what to add.(

Stone circle auditorium -
Honouring the power of the heart, Brac, Croatia

Crafted by an international team of seven geomancers, the cosmogrammes in geopuncture honour the power of the heart and its intelligence. They explore how we can create a culture that brings us in balance with the natural world and ensures that we have a positive collective future which empowers all of us. This artwork is an Earth acupuncture and supports the unfolding of heart qualities in us as well as in the landscape. Researchers have found that the electromagnetic field of the heart is 60 times stronger than that of the brain. Here is the brochure and the picture gallery.

For further information, please contact Sabine Engelhardt +385 99 749 3711 or visit

La Janda–
wetland project in Southern Spain

Laguna de La Janda, once the biggest wetland area in Spain, situated in the Southernmost tip of Andalucia had been dried in the 60's to create agricultural land. We have been working with this area geomantically for the past year to restore the balance to this important ecosystem that is a major stopping route for migrating birds between Europe and Africa. Working with the presence of Water, the river sources that used to feed the lake, and the canals that today run through the land. And looking at the connections with Northern Europe that can also be traced back in historical events.
Here are details of what happened so far.
For more information on how to be involved, please contact

Staraquantis –
the archetype of paradise and the dancing waves of transformation

Co-created by people and nature, the first underwater aqua geopuncture worldwide consists of 7 bronze disks with cosmogrammes and is situated in 18m depth in Morro Jable on Fuerteventura. It is a portal that activates the connection between the water planet Earth (mental and soul aspects, Earth spirit, Gaia, Terra, Tara...) and the reality of matter (physical aspects). It works as an impulse similar to an Earth acupuncture, or more precisely, of the Earth's ocean. It creates the consciousness that we dive into the transformation of the architype of the paradisiacal co-existence between humanity and nature as creative co-creators. For a video on the project, please click here.


Trialogue of cultures–
a polish - czech - german redemption project

In the years 2005 to 2009 a czech-german group met in Czechia and Germany. When working at the former concentration camp Theresienstadt/Terezin, we were inspired by the river Labe/Elbe that was the connecting element. Six years on, a trialogue emerged that includes our friends from Poland. This year we will meet from 9th-12th May in the bay of Gdansk. We also warmly welcome donations towards this project.

For more information, please contact
Marta Adamek/ Poland: 
Tel: 0048-183370428

Eva Mílkova/ Czechia:  
Tel.: 00420-493 792 106

Jana Rieger/Germany:
Tel.:0049/(0)30-923 793 17

GeaViva Brac -
co-creating synergy living on Brac

The Croatian island Brac ist the focus of a heart centre for the balkan region. It is located within a sacred landscpae, it is closely connected to the balance of male and female energies, and was a pilgrim destination in earlier times. As the heart quality can be strongly felt on the island, a group has developed the GeaViva project, to create a place there, where the spiritual awareness of oneness with the Earth and all beings, will be connected with creative ecological doing. Reports of the Geomantic features, the current programme and news are available.

For further information, please visit or contact Sabine Engelhardt +385 99 749 3711

Creative Powers -
ecstatic dance in space, time, eternity

The first Geopuncture in Austria with the theme 'creative powers - ecstatic dance in space, time eternity has been errected by Geomancers in Klagenfurt. Initiated by Margan D. Kalb und and Maria M. Schleicher, thirteen stone pillars of Krastal marble have been errected in the shape of a spiral labyrinth, as a sucessor to all megalithic stone settings across the world, which belong to a long tradition of unusual sacred places. Star and planetary rhythms influence the Earth's rhythm as well as ours. ....more. Picture gallery.

Hologramme of Europe -
Lithopuncture Project in Ljubljana, Slovenia

In rememberance of Slovenia's EU presidency, the lithopuncutre project 'Hologramme of Europe' was created in Ljubljana in May 2008. Based on Marko Pogačnik's concept, a group of international geomancers designed and carved cosmogrammes for 33 stone pillars, that centre around the roles the member and adjoining states play within the European context. The cosmogrammes interact with the deeper layers of existence and consciousness. They are Slovenia's contribution to creating a holistic Europe. The project website contains more information.




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